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CONSIGNMENT POLICYupdated 1/1/2016

Items are sold for IN STORE CREDIT only. We accept clothing, toys, shoes, books and equipment, (high chairs, car seats, etc…) Please call ahead to schedule an appointment. Consignment items must be CLEAN and in excellent condition. Clothing WILL BE DONATED if it is stained or has spots, holes, or missing buckles and buttons. We also will not accept clothing that smells of cigarette smoke or items covered in pet hair. These items will be donated without notification to you.

Clothing must be clean, folded, seasonal and free of piling. Please sort out unsellable items and donate them yourself.

Clothing is accepted seasonally:
December-May: spring and summer clothing.
June-November: fall and winter clothing.
If you are a new consignor please check with our staff.

Clothing Limit is 2 GROCERY SIZED bags per month.

We accept infant through a size 14 in clothing, and up to a size youth 3 in shoes. Your clothing is put out for sale in the order received. This could be 1-12 weeks depending on the volume of consignment coming into the store.

Non-Clothing items are put out right away. Please separate clothing from non-clothing items. Non-Clothing (items that do not go on a hanger) is not limited. This includes items such as books, toys, shoes and equipment. Everything must be clean and complete and meet all the latest safety standards.

Once your items are sorted and examined for stains or defects, they will be tagged with your account number. Your items then remain on the floor for 30 days. After 30 days they will be donated or moved to our “Dollar Rack”. You will receive 40% of the sale in the form of IN STORE CREDIT as each item sells. Equipment may also be marked down or donated after the 30 day selling period. We will not call or notify you of this or of your account balance. You may call or stop in to check credit balance at anytime.

BONUS: Consignors with a credit balance, who apply it toward their purchase of NEW (non-consignment items/ non sale items) receive a 20% discount.

After 3 years of inactivity on your account, Kids on 45th will retain all unused credit.

Kids on 45th reserves the right to donate to charity those items that we are unable to sell, do not meet our quality standards, or have not sold after 30 days. We will do our best to protect your items but we cannot be responsible for fire, theft or other damage. We also reserve the right to make policy changes as needed to keep current with all laws and city ordinances.

Please do not use us as your donating service- We have thousands of consignors and want to be as productive as possible . If everyone only brings us great, sellable items, we can get your items out much quicker.