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The do's and don't of consignment!

We work hard to put out only the best items for sale. The following will help you get a feel for what should and shouldn’t be included in your drop off. If you ever have a question about a particular item, don’t hesitate to ask us. We’re here to help you.

Garage sale or other store stickers or tickets must be removed from all items.

Clothing: We accept infant up to a size 14.
We do not want:

  • items that are stained in any way- including yellow necklines and cuffs.
  • worn out knees
  • items covered in pet hair or smelling of cigarette smoke
  • team, school or vacation type printed t-shirts
  • items missing buttons, or having broken zippers
  • items that are wrinkled or piling
  • sets with an obvious piece missing
  • old or outdated clothing
  • items that are faded or have holes
  • items that are the wrong season

Books/Toys/Equipment:  must be complete, in good condition and function.
We do not want:

  • broken or missing parts
  • dirty items
  • recalled items- please check or the manufacturers website to see if your item has been recalled.
  • car seats
  • plastic that has cracked or is about to crack
  • McDonalds or other fast food toys
  • VHS video tapes, cassettes, or other old technology
  • cribs, crib mattresses, crib bumpers, or toddler beds
  • Shoes: Size 3 youth is the largest size we accept.

We do not want:

  • dirty
  • scuffed
  • worn out heels
  • caked with mud
  • wrong season

Please do not use us as your donating service. It is difficult for us to dispose of un-sellable items. Please get rid of them yourself.